All the benefits of a virtual tour in real estate and sales.

Offering a virtual tour of your property, you gain points from potential buyers. Thanks to the application, the virtual tour has become simple and without any special tools. As a digital leader in real estate, each owner keeps pace with the times and confirms their leadership in terms of development.

From the point of view of interactivity and visibility, virtual tours are very effective, it was estimated that the time for monitoring a site that has a virtual visit is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Indeed, the user will be able to move in his visit at his discretion, which tickles his curiosity and makes him want to see all the options that a virtual visit allows. These parameters reduce the lost time of the website visitor by 40% thanks to the information buttons, which can more easily redirect users to the e-commerce site, etc. These functions allow you to multiply by 40 clicks of the user on the site that has a virtual visit. The user, who is often lost among many offers, does not know where to turn, therefore, when he discovers new content, this directly affects the situation, this innovative and differentiating side attracts more than 5 million visits per day.

Virtual Tours in the UK were mainly used in sectors such as hotels or real estate, real estate agencies that use virtual tours actually receive 50% more clicks than those that use only standard photos, and we understand why: a virtual tour gives the ability of users to find out their future home or future hotel room in the smallest details, even without leaving the house, they are directly reassured by the transparency allowed by law.

The world of virtual tours has undergone a major evolution with the advent of the concept of 360 virtual tours and 3D technology. Prior to this big change, the virtual tour was a simple 360-degree photograph, static and connected by arrows. Thanks to 3D, virtual tours have become a turning point in providing a smoother and more exciting user experience. We’ll talk about 4 major changes made by virtual 3D tours compared to 360 ° virtual tours and classic 360 ° videos.

Virtual 3D tours are performed using 360-degree cameras equipped with cameras and lasers. These lasers can capture all the room material and simulate existing space in 3D. Apartments, houses, offices, etc. All these spaces can be scanned and restored in 3D. To understand the location of different rooms in space, the 3D model is a real plus. This reconstruction of the space in 3D also allows you to have an aerial view of the corresponding space. This finally allows you to create side plans for commercial use.

In traditional 360 ° virtual tours, transitions between viewpoints are less realistic. In these 360 ° virtual tours, there are often few views (usually one point per view), which makes travel limited: you cannot go anywhere in the room. When we move forward, that is, when we move from one viewpoint 360 ° to another, by clicking on the arrow, we move from one photograph to another, without any visible transition. In short, a little dive. In virtual 3D tours, for example, in Matterport tours, when you move from one 360-degree viewpoint to another, you get a real sense of movement. These smooth transitions are allowed thanks to the 3D model: when we are at a point of view, this is a classic 360-degree panorama. And when you reach a different point of view in the room, you enter and exit the 3D model to reach this new point of view. This translation into the 3D model is so fast that the person does not realize that he is entering and leaving the 3D model. Result? Fluid movement, as if we are moving for real. Pay attention also to the presence of many points of view in the 3D virtual tour, so that you can walk everywhere in space.

Thanks to the 3D model of virtual 3D tours and their smooth transitions between points of view, you can make video available directly from the virtual tour. This guided tour with a slide show or walkthrough mode is carried out by identifying points of interest to obtain a high-quality and exciting result.

Unlike 3D virtual tours, there is no sense of displacement, this is a film with one 360 ° panorama of a classic. It is impossible to move to another room even with an arrow. Therefore, it is necessary to open several films, which interferes with the review. 360 ° images in the video are not in high resolution, they look blurry with very little contrast.